collaborative writing & editing

by michele k. huffman


Have ideas worth sharing, but need help finding the right words?

I can help. ✐

Finish that Book

Writing, editing, & ghostwriting services that take your book from messy brainstorm to polished publication.

Publish that ____

Stop sitting on your latest project. Bring focus and clarity to your writing with targeted feedback and solid strategies.

Get Your Ideas Noticed

Web copy and content that attracts the right kind of attention & helps readers connect with your story.

Why work with an experienced writer?

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Marketing Know-How

Your writing needs a point of view to get noticed. Content creation that engages your audience and stays authentic to your voice. 

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Working one-on-one with people who are ready to tell their story is my passion. Collaboration that centers the needs of you & your audience.

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Lasting Impact

I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their writing process for good. Learn concrete strategies to get your ideas off the ground and create impactful content.


Collaborative writing services
built just for you.


Hand the pen (or the manuscript, or the book proposal, or the email, or the social media post) off to me.

Ghostwriting, writing, and drafting services that nail your message and appeal to your audience.


Have a project stuck in the brainstorming phase? Need a piece of writing polished or refined before publication?

Editing services that ensure your writing always hits the mark.


Want a little extra help telling your story? 

See how working with an award-winning writing instructor can give your projects – and content production skills – the boost they need. 

Content Creation

Blog posts, newsletters, emails, social media posts – anything and everything you need to support the launch of your book (or whatever your latest project is!). 

Consistent content that stays true to your voice and your story. 


See how working with an experienced writer can upgrade your writing for good.