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Ghostwriting that sings. Developmental editing that sells. Content that nails your message, every time. 


Let’s start writing together. Today. 

& Co-Writing




Ghostwriting & Co-Writing

The friendliest ghostwriter you’ll ever meet.

Ready to get your story out there but need help crafting the content and finding your voice?  

Let me work my magic on your book project. We’ll use conversations, interviews, and other collaborative strategies to ensure your voice lights up the page (even if I’m the one doing the writing!). 

Add credibility to your speaking engagements, workshops, online profile, and bring your story to the world with your very own book.

What can I ghostwrite for you?

Typically, my ghostwriting services are for book-length projects, including the proposal.


What’s the difference between Ghostwriting and Co-Authoring?

As your ghostwriter, my presence on the final product will be invisible. As your co-writer or co-author, I’ll get an author credit: e.g. Your Name with Michele K. Huffman might appear on the cover.

How it Works

the revision collaborative writing process

Proposal & Planning

We’ll work together to figure out the best way to tell your story. Identify your target audience, solidify your core message, and outline your book’s structure.

Writing & Developing

Now that we’ve got an outline and the go-ahead from a publisher, it’s time to draft. You can write a little or a lot – it’s up to you! – I’ll fill in the gaps. 

Editing & Polishing

Time for editing on the macro and micro level. We’ll dig into every detail to ensure your voice and core message come through on every page. 

Content Creation

Social Media content, blog posts, emails, and more 

to widen your reach.

Have a blog that needs extra oomph – and a lot more content?

Looking to elevate your public persona and reach more folks with a newsletter or outreach?

Ready to promote your next project with a targeted Social Media campaign? 

Let me help you plan, craft, and execute your next content project and give your ideas the attention they deserve.

What kind of content can I create for you?

  • Book Proposals
  • Blog Posts & Articles
  • Email Funnels & Templates
  • Social Media Campaigns & Posts
  • Newsletters 
  • Slide Decks 
  • SOPs & Support Documents

Blog Content 

Social Media Posts


"Michele was great to work with! We needed copywriting done on quite a few email templates and she nailed the tone and style we were wanting. She was very easy to work with, available when we needed her, and did excellent work! After our experience, we decided to work with her on an ongoing basis for all of our copywriting."


Bring order to your beginnings and tie up loose ends. 

Developmental Editing

A thorough evaluation of your writing.

Still in the drafting stages? Get concrete insights, feedback, and next steps for where your writing should go from here. 

Ideal for:

  • More experienced writers looking for help with structure & focus 
  • Larger projects still in the drafting stages 
  • Book-length projects & Book Proposals
  • Nonfiction & Poetry manuscripts

Copy-Editing & Proofreading

A line-by-line edit of your work. 

Improve your writing’s clarity, focus, and flow with the eagle eye of an experienced editor before it’s published.

Ideal for:

  • More experienced writers looking for help with polish & style
  • Projects of any size that are close to completion
  • Book-length Projects & Book Proposals


Give your writing process the oomph it needs.

Gain the confidence you crave by working with an experienced writing instructor.

Learn best practices for every part of the writing process, no matter how much (or little) you’ve written before.

Become the master of your own content and message with long-lasting strategies and skills that help you make an impact.

Let me step in and give you and your current project some direction. 

What can working with a Writing Coach do for you?

  • Beat the blinking cursor – learn to take your ideas from your head to the page
  • Always know how and where to start your next writing project
  • Gain confidence in your writing style, voice, and message 
  • Learn every step in the writing process and how to end up with a polished final product
"Michele is a kind, caring, and wonderful teacher. She does a good job of engaging her students and creating a good environment where we can all learn and grow."
Cynthia Schmidt
HPU Class of 2020

Let's start writing together. Today.