You want to get organized.

We can help.

Here at Revision, we work with you and your team to create SOPs and other resources that streamline your work processes, making your workplace more efficient from top to bottom.

Here's how it works:

Over a quick phone call, video chat, or email exchange, we’ll figure out what you need to effectively train your team and hand off projects.

With our help, record a video, screencast, or audio file about your standard work processes. Feel fee to ramble. We’ll pick out what matters most.

Using the raw materials you send, we’ll create detailed, straightforward resources that you can hand off to your team.  It’s that easy. 

Happier clients. Faster growth.

Custom SOPs, training materials, and company documents ensure high-quality deliverables and cut down on the need for oversight, letting you spend time on more important things.

SOPS that Streamline

SOPs help your employees solve their own problems and answer their own questions.  

SOPs act as simple reminders for your employees on how to get things done. 

SOPs protect your time. You can focus on everything else you have going on, making your business more efficient.

SOPs increase the value of your business. By systemizing your work processes,  SOPs make your business – your specialized brand of knowledge and product creation – transferable.

Our SOPs are designed to simplify your work processes as much as possible. We’ll use images, screenshots, and even samples to help your team stay focused, putting everything they need to complete a task in one place. 

Stress-Free Training

Training can seem like an uphill battle – there are so many details to remember, and every new employee needs help with something different. 

Ditch the “How do I do this?” emails and impromptu video chats. With a custom training guide, never worry about missing an important detail or being unavailable when new hires need you. 

Custom training materials can be easily handed off to new employees, whether they are freelancers or a new, full-time part of the team, and you can relax, knowing that, thanks to our materials, you’re covered. 

Designed to be an all-in-one resource for new hires, our training materials fit your exact specifications, and use images an easy-to-understand instructions to explain your standards. We’ll even include a handy FAQ section, anticipating the questions you get the most often from new team members.

Resources for All

Things come up. Employees need help, and you’re not always around to provide it. Or, maybe you just have about a million other things on your plate to worry about. 

Having a stockpile of commonly-used resources, whether they are SOPs, guides, training materials, or checklists, gives employees the independence they crave without compromising your standards. 

Organizing your work processes means that team members never have to go hunting for the correct login info or miss a crucial step when completing a task. Everything is right there, waiting for them (and you!)

We’ll figure out what your team needs help with the most so you can put your focus where it needs to be: the everyday business of running your business. 

“After consulting with Michele and Luke, our assessment process has been totally streamlined and takes much less time, and our workflow in the office is more efficient. Our nurses and CNAs can truly focus on caring for our patients “

See how we helped:

"I will never use anyone else to develop training materials. The service Revision provided has been invaluable to our business, and we'll be using them again for all our SOP development."

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