You want to get organized.

We can help.

Here at Revision, we work with you and your team to create SOPs and Training Materials that streamline your work processes, making your workplace more efficient from top to bottom.

Custom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

SOP sounds like corporate speak—you may think that implementing an SOP at your small business will make you inflexible or unadaptable. But, SOPs are no more than a guide to help your business run as smoothly as possible.


  • Having to explain things again and again
  • Employees have to guess how to do their jobs
  • Lack of consistency
  • Doing it over and over again for each new hire

Helps with routine procedures; simple, step-by-step breakdown of everyday activities; streamlines every process to save time and money.

Training Materials

One cohesive document, booklet, or presentation that you could hand over to new team members. One resource, complete with your exact specifications, screenshots, and even video, that explains your standards for certain tasks and even anticipates the most frequently-asked questions you field from new hires.

Is there one task that you find yourself explaining again and again? Do you find yourself chained to your computer putting together screencasts for your team?

Training and teaching is hard—figuring out the best way to communicate what you need to your employees can be time-consuming, especially when you have about thirty other things on your daily to-do list.